Serve on saturday (s.o.s.)

Serve on Saturday (S.O.S.) is Oakwood's local outreach ministry.  We love our community and want to serve and make an difference in any way that we can.  Sometimes we'll partner with other local organizations to help them accomplish their goals and mission.  At other times we may send out dozens of smaller teams to homes and work sites around our community to help those in need.  

Our Most Recent S.O.S. Service Project:

Click here to watch highlights of videos from other S.O.S. outings!

S.O.S. Special Ops Volunteers

S.O.S. Special Ops projects will take place 1-3 times per quarter and will involve smaller teams of 3-20 volunteers serving to meet more specific needs in our community, or working with partner organizations that cannot handle larger teams.  When these opportunities arise, we will send out an email to our Special Ops volunteers with details on the needs to see who is able to serve.  We are asking people to complete a simple registration process to sign-up to receive the emails and let us know what skills and resources you might have to help with certain projects.

Please click the link below to register as an S.O.S. volunteer and complete a checklist of skills you might have to help serve others and meet needs in our community.


Stay tuned for our next church-wide project... Coming in Q1 2018!

Oakwood's S.O.S. team works to organize one large outreach project each quarter, involving 70-100+ volunteers going out into our community to serve together, show the love of Jesus and make an impact.  These large service projects will be promoted through our church-wide communications and during our Sunday morning worship services.  You will also be able to sign-up to serve on Sundays mornings at Oakwood.

Lance Red

Serve on saturday leader

Hello. It is an honor and a blessing to be able to serve at Oakwood; to be a part of what God is doing in our community for His glory. I look forward to working with you all, my Oakwood family, in putting our faith into action and growing God’ s kingdom by serving those around us. I live in Clarkston, I am single, and I'm a freelance fantasy illustrator. I also serve as Deacon and help oversee the Oakwood Cares & Benevolence Ministry with Tim May. As Oakwood's Serve on Saturday Leader I organize various volunteer workdays to help people & organizations in our neighboring communities. Know of a cool community organization we could partner with or perhaps a neighbor that needs help? Let us know.