Serve on saturday (s.o.s.)

Serve on Saturday (S.O.S.) is Oakwood's local outreach ministry.  We love our community and want to serve and make an difference in any way that we can.  Sometimes we'll partner with other local organizations to help them accomplish their goals and mission.  At other times we may send out dozens of smaller teams to homes and work sites around our community to help those in need.  

Our Most Recent S.O.S. Service Project:

Click here to watch highlights of videos from other S.O.S. outings!

Next S.O.S. outreach

Saturday, October 7th

We had many nominations turned in for our S.O.S. Workday on Saturday, October 7th and need more volunteers than ever before to make this happen with excellence. This is a great way to come together as one family in Christ to serve and help each other. Projects include yard work, fence painting, heavy lifting, garage door installation, home repairs, plumbing, drywall repair and more. Individuals, families or community groups can sign up on Sundays in the lobby.