celebrate recovery

Have you heard the song’s lyrics, 

          “When I wake up in the land of glory,

            with the saints I will tell my story ….” 

Everyone has a story…. Everyone has experienced, or is experiencing, some or all of these…

  • Hurt - Damage to Your Heart
  • Hang-up - Bent Thinking Road Block
  • Habit - Unhealthy Pattern

If these experiences are not properly addressed and handled, they can permanently & negatively impact our relationship with God, family, friends and … ourselves. 

Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a great help to recover from all of life’s Hurts, Hang-ups and Habits. Recovering and getting rid of things is often not easy. Negative impacts on our lives are not gone just because they happened long ago. CR guides us to put ourselves in a position which allows God to heal us. 

God provides a way to be free, recover, from everything. This is not a self -help program. We have a part and God has a part. His part is the impossible part.

common questions

Is Celebrate Recovery new?

  • About 2000 years ago, Jesus taught the beatitudes which are the 8 principles of CR and correspond to the 12 Steps used in other recovery groups.
  • In 1990 CR began in one church – and is now in 29,000 churches around the world.
  • January 2016 was when Weekly Meetings and Step Study Meeting started at Oakwood Community Church. 

What is a Weekly Meeting? 

    Monday’s 7:00 pm meetings are open to anyone and have two parts:

    1.  Large Group Meeting:

  • Worship in song
  • Alternating weeks include: either a personal testimony or a lesson on one of the 12 Steps

    2.  Open Share Meeting:

  • Separated by gender
  • Confidential expressions of thoughts and feelings

What is a Step Study Meeting? 

Groups of 3 to 8 people of the same gender establish a convenient time to meet weekly and...

  • Focus on our own thoughts and feelings, while doing this study with others who are doing the same thing
  • Work through the biblically based 12 Steps and their corresponding 8 principles
  • Individually identify, leave behind & let go of past and present Hurts, Hang-ups and Habits (including regrets, disappointments, etc.); all things which negatively impact our relationships with others, with God and with ourselves
  • Daily grow in our relationship with God and dependence on Him for direction of our life

Dave Phillips

Celebrate Recovery director


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