sonshine park children's ministry

SONshine Park is Oakwood’s Sunday morning program for children. It provides a nurturing environment where kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade can grow spiritually and develop godly values in an age-appropriate environment.  In SONshine Park, the kids start their morning singing praises to the Lord with music that is designed for their ages. Then, our Bible-based curriculum uses Large Group Lessons and Small Group Connections to help them make connections between the truth of God’s Word and their own lives. SONshine Park is a place where Jesus Christ is honored through praises, lessons, prayers and actions!

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Class

The Kindergarten - 4th grade class meets in Acts located in the Lower Level during the worship service. 

4th & 5th Grade Class

The 5th-6th grade class meets in Romans located in the Lower Level. After getting checked in, these students go with their teachers into the worship center for the beginning of the worship service.  After the opening worship set they return to their classroom where they can engage in age-appropriate learning and grow together.

SONshine Park Muffins with Moms & Donuts with Dads Event

gospel project - STORIES AND SIGNS


Summer Series "Keys to the Kingdom" 

Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount

  • JULY 14 - Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit - Matthew 6:19-34
  • JULY 21 - Blessed Are Those Who Mourn (cry) - Luke 6:21
  • JULY 28 - Blessed Are The Meek (gentle) - Matthew 5:38-46
  • AUGUST 4 - Blessed Are The Merciful - Matthew 6:12-15
  • AUGUST 11 - Blessed Are The Pure In Heart - Matthew 6:1-7, 16-18, 7:3-5
  • AUGUST 18 - Blessed Are The Peacemakers - Matthew 5:13-15, 7:12-14
  • AUGUST 25 - SONshine Park is Closed for the Worship & Picnic In The Park
  • SEPT. 1 - Blessed Are Those Who Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness - Matthew 5:16-20 and Blessed Are You When You Are Persecuted - Matthew 5:11-12, 7:24-27
  • SEPT. 8 - Welcome Party K-3rd Grade and 4th & 5th Grade (new class)
    Graduation Party in Romans Room for all SONshine Park children in 6th and 7th grade for the 2019-2020 school year. Special Guest: Pastor Ben

Gospel Project


The Gospel Project is a Christ-centered Bible study resource that looks at the big picture of God's story - the story of redemption through Jesus Christ. Each week, kids of all ages will follow a chronological timeline of Bible events, all the while learning how each story points to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

THE CHURCH ON MISSION teaches how the disciples, filled with the Holy Spirit's power, spread the gospel to the Jews and Gentiles. Sessions include the early church acts, Paul's conversion and baptism. It also includes the angel's announcement to Mary and Joseph and Jesus' birth for Christmas.


FALL 2019:

The God Who Empowers - After Jesus returned to heaven, the Holy Spirit - whom He had promised to send - was given to the disciples. Filled with the Holy Spirit's power, the small group of disciples shared the gospel and the early church grew rapidly. 

  • SEPTEMBER 15 - The Holy Spirit Came - Acts 2
    The Holy Spirit came to the apostles on the Day of Pentecost. 
  • SEPTEMBER 22 - Peter Healed a Beggar - Acts 3 & 4
    In Jesus' name, Peter healed a man who could not walk.
  • SEPTEMBER 29 - Stephen's Address - Acts 6 & 7
    Stephen was not afraid to die so that others would hear about Jesus.
  • OCTOBER 6 - The Ethiopian Official Believed - Acts 8
    The Holy Spirit told Philip to tell the Ethiopian man about Jesus.
  • OCTOBER 13 - Peter Visits Cornelius - Acts 10
    The Holy Spirit told Peter to preach to Cornelius, a Gentile.

The God Who Sends - In time, Paul, who was one of the greatest missionaries of all time, took the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Roman empire, growing the church even more. God's promise to bless all the people of the earth was being fulfilled.

  • OCTOBER 20 - Paul's Conversation and Baptism - Acts 9
    Jesus saved Saul from sins and chose him to spread the gospel. 
  • OCTOBER 27 - Paul's First Journey - Acts 13-15
    The Holy Spirit sent Paul and Barnabas to tell Jews and Gentiles about Jesus.
  • NOVEMBER 3 - The Message: Christ Alone - Acts 15
    The church in Jerusalem encouraged Gentile believers.
  • NOVEMBER 10 - Paul's 2nd Journey - Acts 16
    Paul and Silas told the jailer, "Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved."
  • NOVEMBER 17 - Paul Preached in Europe - Acts 17
    Paul taught the people in Athens that the one true God sent Jesus to be the Savior.
  • NOVEMBER 24 - A Song of Thanksgiving

Christmas - God sent His son, Jesus, to earth to be born as a baby in humble surroundings. Jesus was no ordinary baby. He was the One who would save God's people from their sin. Christmas is the time to celebrate God's greatest gift of Jesus Christ. 

  • DECEMBER 1 - Angels Spoke to Mary and Joseph - Matthew 1 & 2
    God chose Mary and Joseph to be Jesus' earthly parents. 
  • DECEMBER 8 - Jesus Was Born - Luke 2
    Jesus was born to be God's promised Savior.

Laura Red, sonshine park Co-director


I have attended Oakwood and been involved at some level in the children ministry for about 25 years. My husband, Leo, and I have been married for 34 years, live in Clarkston and have raised two sons, Lance and Lyle, both of whom attend and serve at Oakwood. I work full-time as a Lease Administrator/Bookkeeper for a local Commercial Real Estate Developer and in my free time enjoy reading, cooking, gardening, scrapbooking, golf, riding motorcycles and spending time with our large extended family.

I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work with the children in and around our community. Serving our Savior in the children's ministry at Oakwood over the years, getting to know so many wonderful people and reaching children with the gospel of Christ has and continues to be one of my greatest blessings.