sonshine park children's ministry

SONshine Park is Oakwood’s Sunday morning program for children. It provides a nurturing environment where kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade can grow spiritually and develop godly values in an age-appropriate environment.  In SONshine Park, the kids start their morning singing praises to the Lord with music that is designed for their ages. Then, our Bible-based curriculum uses Large Group Lessons and Small Group Connections to help them make connections between the truth of God’s Word and their own lives. SONshine Park is a place where Jesus Christ is honored through praises, lessons, prayers and actions!

Kindergarten - 4th Grade Class

The Kindergarten - 4th grade class meets in Acts located in the Lower Level during the 9:00am and 11:00am services. 

5th & 6th Grade Class

The 5th-6th grade class meets in Romans located in the Lower Level during the 11:00am service only. After getting checked in, these students go with their teachers into the worship center for the beginning of the worship service.  After the opening worship set they return to their classroom where they can engage in age-appropriate learning and grow together.



Are we there yet???  The family road trip can be great fun, seeing the sights and spending time together.  It can also breed complaining about cramped quarters and boredom.  When the Israelites took a road trip to the land God promised them, they complained the whole way.  They forgot that God has good things in store for us.

summer road trip

  • JUNE 3 - Drive-Thru Exodus 12:1-14, 31-42
    God has special things in store for us.
  • JUNE 10 - Grand Canyon Exodus 14:5-29
    God shows His amazing power to save.
  • JUNE 17 - Campground Exodus 16:1-23
    God is faithful to take care of us.
  • JUNE 24 - Rest Stop Exodus 17:1-7
    God is always with us and He knows what we need. 
  • JULY 1 - Grandparent's House Exodus 18
    God brings wise people into our lives to listen to.
  • JULY 8 - The Beach Exodus 20:1-17, 31:18
    God's law is holy and good.
  • JULY 15 - Tourist Trap Exodus 32:1-26
    God is the one true God. 
  • JULY 22 - Disney World Deuteronomy 31:1-8, 32:48-52
    God has prepared good things for us. 
  • JULY 29 - God First Exodus 20:1-4
    You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me & You Shall Not Make Any Idols
  • AUGUST 5 - Respect Exodus 20:7, 12
    Speak God's Name with Respect and Honor Your Father and Mother
  • AUGUST 12 - Living For God Exodus 20:8-11, 13
    Set Aside a Special Day for God and You Shall Not Kill
  • AUGUST 19 - Truth Exodus 20:14, 16
    Be True to Your Husband and Wife and You Shall Not Lie
  • AUGUST 26 - Givers Exodus 20:15, 17
    You Shall Not Steal and You Shall Not Want What Others Have

Laura Red, sonshine park Co-director


I have attended Oakwood and been involved at some level in the children ministry for about 25 years. My husband, Leo, and I have been married for 34 years, live in Clarkston and have raised two sons, Lance and Lyle, both of whom attend and serve at Oakwood. I work full-time as a Lease Administrator/Bookkeeper for a local Commercial Real Estate Developer and in my free time enjoy reading, cooking, gardening, scrapbooking, golf, riding motorcycles and spending time with our large extended family.

I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work with the children in and around our community. Serving our Savior in the children's ministry at Oakwood over the years, getting to know so many wonderful people and reaching children with the gospel of Christ has and continues to be one of my greatest blessings.


I have been attending Oakwood Community Church for over 15 years with my parents, Roger & Mary Sovis and my siblings. In May 2017, I married Lyle Red, one of the leaders in the SoulFire Youth Ministry. My first volunteer position was in SONshine Park Children's Ministry, as a leader in training. Through high school and college, I was both a small and large group leader. This has given me a great understanding of our children's ministry. I have a degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development. I also serve on the Worship Team. I have a passion for education, reading, music, and sharing the Gospel. I am so excited to see where God leads me at Oakwood and in SONshine Park to bring glory to His name.