Hospitality team

The Hospitality Team at Oakwood Community Church seeks to ensure a positive experience for our guests. When guests come to Oakwood on a Sunday morning, it’s the Hospitality Team that goes out of their way to make guests feel welcomed, loved, accepted and comfortable.

We want to show people how much we care about them, and ultimately how much God cares about them. We can do this in many ways, whether that’s offering a friendly hello and a handshake, assisting a family with their kids, connecting with and listening to guests, providing them with information and answering questions, or helping them find a comfortable seat. When guests feel valued and cared for, they will return!

serving on the Hospitality team

Do you love helping others? Do you want to make new people feel welcome at Oakwood? If so, consider serving with the Hospitality Team. There are many different roles on the team, so we have a place for everyone! Would you enjoy interacting with people, answering questions, or showing people around the church? Then you'd be perfect serving at the Connections Table or as a Welcome Center Host. More the quiet type, but can smile, open a door, or handout bulletins? You can serve as Door Greeter or Worship Greeter. There are other ways to serve, as well.

Hospitality team leader

  • tim may

    Tim and his wife, Sheena, have been part of the Oakwood family since moving to Michigan from upstate New York in July of 2015. They have two kids, Nolan (14) and Alanna (11).  Tim enjoys sports and being active. Sheena works as an ABA technician with young children with autism. She enjoys reading in her free time. Sheena and Tim have been involved with different ministries for many years.