two worship services at 9am & 11am starting sept. 17th

10am service for summer 2018

Oakwood Community Church will begin offering two identical worship services at 9:00am and 11:00am starting Sunday, September 17, 2017!  After years of steady growth and many times over the past year where our worship center and parking lot were filled beyond capacity, we are excited for this opportunity to reach, serve and connect with more people in our community.  If you are looking for a church home where you can grow in your faith, connect with other genuine and caring people, and make a difference in the community, we encourage you to worship with us on Sundays and consider being part of the Oakwood family.

Fall 2017 Message Series

This fall we will be exploring the New Testament book of James as Pastor Don Jackson teaches a series titled "Authentic Under Pressure".  James emphasizes our need to live authentically even while under the pressures of this life. This series will help you connect Biblical principles to real-life situations, including your actions during trials, your treatment of those less fortunate, and the way you speak and relate to others.

  • September 17 – James 1:1 - “Authentic Faith Transforms Identity”
  • September 24 – James 1:2-18 - “Authentic Faith Endures Trials”
  • October 1 – James 1:19-27 - “Authentic Faith Obeys (Hear and Do)”
  • October 8 – James 2:1-13 - “Authentic Faith Shows No Favoritism”
  • October 15 – James 2:14-26 - “Authentic Faith Works (Dead Faith…Not)”
  • October 22 – James 3:1-12 - “Authentic Faith Tames the Tongue”
  • October 29 – James 3:13-18 - “Authentic Faith Seeks Wisdom From Above”
  • November 5 – James 4:1-10 - “Authentic Faith Is A Battle Of Passions”
  • November 12 – James 4:11-5:6 - “Authentic Faith Is Submitted”
  • November 19 – James 5:7-20 - “Authentic Faith Is Prayerfully Patient” 

common Questions & answers

about transitioning to two services

Below is a list of common questions asked about Oakwood going to two services this fall, including answers from our church's leadership.  We’ve tried to answer in these pages the questions you’re most likely to have. If you still have questions, please talk to one of the Elders, Pastors or church staff.


1. Why is Oakwood transitioning to two Sunday morning services?

We believe God is doing a great work through Oakwood Community Church. We’ve grown considerably in size in the last few years. People are being led to Christ, baptized and added into membership. We’re actively involved in helping the hurting and those in need in our community. We’re encouraging people to have better marriages and to become better stewards and to become authentic disciples of Jesus. God is at work here and we have the exciting need and opportunity to make room for the people God is going to bring to the body of Christ at Oakwood over the next few years. By adding a second Sunday morning worship service to our schedule, we believe we can continue to reach more and more people with the gospel.


2. We have empty seats in the worship center, why have two services?

We do have some empty seats on Sunday mornings but the truth is we’re already nearing the point where it begins to feel full. Our auditorium can hold 360 people if we stuff them in shoulder to shoulder; But any space (parking, classes or auditorium) feels full at 80% of capacity. You can put more people in the seats but it will feel increasingly crowded. And once a space reaches 80%, people feel like there isn’t room for more and that will stop our growth.  Two services will allow us to have the breathing room we need to continue to grow. We believe God is going to continue to send people to us with the expectation that we’ll have a place for them to worship and serve. Our decision is based on one simple idea: God has put us in a unique place to reach the people in several nearby communities. That is our mission. And He’s sending us new people every week. They’re not even waiting for us to go find them; they’re coming to us! Having multiple services on Sunday morning is a step toward fulfilling the mission God has given His church: reaching more people with the gospel.


3. Can’t we just wait a while and see if it’s necessary?

The time for waiting has passed. God is blessing us immensely in this congregation.  Our data tell us if we do nothing, this “problem” will eventually solve itself…we’ll not only quit growing, we’ll potentially slide down in attendance. We would rather be prepared for God’s continued blessings.


4. What will the schedule be?

First Service: 9:00am to 10:15am

Second Service: 11:00am to 12:15pm


5. When will this new schedule begin?

The new schedule will begin on Sunday, September 17, 2017.


6. What will be the Children’s Ministries Schedule?

We will offer a full nursery (infant – pre-school) during both services. Sonshine Park will offer Kindergarten – 4th grade ministry during both services and a 5th – 6th grade ministry during the second service.


7. Will the services be the same or will they be different?

Both services will be the same. Pastor Jackson will preach the same sermon in both services. Our worship will be led by the same team and sing the same songs in each service.


8. Will this affect the attendance at our current service?

Our attendance at each service will be lower than if we just continued to have the one service because our people will be spread between the two. We believe that initially the total attendance will be the same, but we will have opportunity to continue to reach new people.


9. How will you get people to attend the new service?

In a sense, they’re both new services. One is earlier than what we currently offer and one is later. We would ask that, for those of you for whom the early service would work, that you seriously consider helping us make this a success by worshiping in the early service. In fact, we think an earlier service would work to the advantage of some of our members.


10. Will this create two churches in the same building?

We love the family atmosphere at Oakwood and want to continue to facilitate our tight knit community. Our goal is to create the space and atmosphere that will allow the church to continue to grow. We will have to work diligently and strategically to keep people connected no matter what service time they attend.


11. Will I get to see everyone each Sunday?

With our current 350 people on Sunday mornings, you can’t possibly talk to everyone now. We will still all meet together for special services and events from time to time.


12. Will the worship center be too empty?

We will make some adjustments to compensate for smaller assemblies.

We may ask you to sit closer to the front, for example. We believe, with your help, we can compensate for the smaller numbers in each service.


13. Why not just add on to the building so we can just continue to have one service?

We’ve explored the options, including adding on to our current facilities. We may want to enter a building program in the future, but for now it is better stewardship to use the current facilities multiple times on Sunday. Building an addition includes borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Until we can build without negatively impacting the mission of the church, two services is our best option.


14. Will there be enough parking?

Because not everyone will be using the parking lot at the same time, multiple services will improve our tight parking situation. We have provided adequate time for the parking lot to empty and refill between services. Our Safety Team has expanded to include parking lot volunteers to our Sunday morning ministries to help people safely navigate the parking lot.